How To Choose The Right Grey Carpet

Good Morning and welcome to the last of my collaborations with Brintons Carpets. I have already written a detailed guide on buying the right sort of carpet for the right room and now we are going to focus a little on the colour. Specifically the right shade of grey. As many of you will know, it was my guide to choosing the… [ 781 more words ]

10 Beautiful Rooms

Monday Morning and time for a new set of 10 Beautiful Rooms. This week we are sticking firmly in the monochrome palette. This is partly because it makes a great basis for any scheme. I don't necessarily mean black and white as that can be stark and very modern soften it slightly to charcoal and ivory, for example and you have a completely different look. [ 900 more words ]

The Househunter: Room by Room

Starting off our house tour this week with a trip to Hampstead, always pretty in an idealised Richard Curtis London sort of way. For many years it was known as the home to academics, writers and media types it has, of course the massive Heath with swimming ponds and city views. And now that you have sorted of guessed the kind of prices we are talking about you can come on in.... [ 549 more words ]

5 Ways To Create the Perfect Guest Room

At this time of year thoughts often to turn to guests and the sleeping arrangements thereof. Now while I am fully on board with Benjamin Franklin's belief that guests are like fish - both begin to smell after three days - I do also believe in making them as comfortable as possible while they are there. However, few of us have the space for a dedicated spare room. [ 709 more words ]

New Shop Discovery: Kalinko

Well there's no escaping the fact that it's nearly December and the shopping has to start sooner rather than later. Are you ready? I mean ready to start shopping rather than the actual being ready itself. That won't happen for a while yet I'm sure. Anyway, in the interests of getting closer to that state of readiness I have found this shop, Kalinko, which sells unusual pieces from small makers, so shopping here is helpful and ethical and all those things we have been talking about recently. [ 926 more words ]

Velvet Tassel Cushions

So you know I always say that you should buy an outrageous sofa and bring it down with cushions? Well sometimes you gotta do it the other way round. Mostly if you already own a sofa and have no intention of buying another - which is most of us isn't it. Then you owe it to that sofa to dress it well - especially if it is a neutral, sensible sort of chap. [ 348 more words ]

10 Rooms

Starting off this week with a very beautiful house which may be familiar to some of you from Instagram - I never know how many of you are on there. It's the Holiday House which was founded in New York by Iris Dankner, a survivor of breast cancer who set up the first house to showcase high end interior design and raise money at the same time. [ 600 more words ]

The Househunter: Room by Room

And it's nearly the weekend again already. Let's start of this week's house tour with this riot of Georgian colour below. It's a Grade II listed Georgian house in Clerkenwell which is on the market with Marsh & Parsons for £2.15m. This house may be familiar to some of you as the home of Paul Brewster and Shaun Clarkson, owners of the fabulous… [ 689 more words ]

Kelly Hoppen Writes For The Blog

I'm thrilled to introduce you to this month's Guest Blogger, the self-styled Queen of Taupe Kelly Hoppen herself....... *round of applause*. Now our Kel, as she has never, ever been known, ever, doesn't need much introduction. She has worked on everything from the Beckham's London house to all sorts of yachts and, of course, The Great Interior Design Challenge, where I met her last year for my annual interview shindig. [ 553 more words ]

New Shop Discovery: Into Mills

One of the themes that has emerged from the last few posts, be it about shopping for vintage furniture on eBay or finding new and unusual treasures from small stores, is that you do all care about where your stuff comes from and that it should mean something. I particularly loved one of the comments yesterday from Anne who bought a vintage leather chair and heard how the seller's Grandfather used to sit in it when he came home from World War I. [ 617 more words ]

Shopping (and filming) with eBay

Earlier this summer, shortly before I filmed the house tour with The Pool which I linked to yesterday, I made a little video with eBay talking about my finds and what I have found there. It was great fun and I think it's a pretty cool film - you can see it below or go to their facebook page. * Watch out for Her Imperial Highness Princess Enid making an appearance. [ 395 more words ]

10 Beautiful Rooms

And here we are again. Time seems to be speeding up as we race towards the end of the year doesn't it. Certainly the Mondays are coming round very fast. We starting with a picture taken by Melanie Lissack, whose house featured in last week's 10 Beautiful Rooms, and who too this lovely picture at a dinner I hosted for last week. [ 653 more words ]

The Househunter: Room by Room

Over to west London first to have a look around television centre. Remember when the BBC moved up to Manchester and that fabulous round building in White City was abandoned. Well it's in the process of being turned into 950 homes and the first residents are due to move in next month. Built in the 1950s the former headquarters of the BBC had 400 offices, 600 dressing rooms and seven studios. [ 647 more words ]

Ethical Interiors: Why it Matters

Following yesterday's post on what makes a home, today I wanted to take that one step further and look at the idea of ethical interiors. We are all familiar with the concept of eco-friendly and sustainable materials and we are well used to wondering just who makes those super cheap clothes on the High Street but I, for one, have to own up to the fact that I haven't really paid enough attention to it when it comes to my furniture choices. [ 703 more words ]

What Is Home: Interview with Tom Dyckhoff

Home seems to be the word of the moment. Dulux referenced it when it announced its colour of the year recently and creative director Marianne Shillingford spoke at length about how, in times of uncertainty, all we want is to come home. To be home. To metaphorically hide under the duvet in a place where we can feel safe. Now the writer, historian and broadcaster, known to many of you as presenter of The Great Interior Design Challenge, Tom Dyckhoff, has also taken up the theme. [ 801 more words ]

Why Homesense Made Me Build A New Larder

Earlier this summer I wrote about going to Homesense for the first time and I called it the interior shopper's best kept secret. Many of you were incredulous that I had never been before and the comments about the amazing bargains people found filled both blog and instagram for days. Well, reader, I have to say that Homesense appears to be responsible for the latest building work in The Mad House. [ 926 more words ]

10 Beautiful Rooms

A week of 10 Beautiful Rooms dedicated to real spaces this week. It's always lovely to see styled shots and they are often very beautiful indeed for that is their purpose, but they don't always have to deal with the reality of life and the awkward shapes that we all have and so can be difficult to recreate in our own homes. [ 811 more words ]

The Househunter: room by room

Off to Beaconsfield and we're going modernist this week with this four bedroom Grade II listed house that was built in 1934 and is on the market with The Modern House for £1,999,500 - really who sets these prices - does it make that much difference psychologically that it doesn't start with a 2? It's the principle of buying something for £1.99 and feeling that you got a bargain because it was under £2. [ 780 more words ]

10 Best Sofas

I have written on these pages before about how to buy a sofa. What to look for and roughly what you might need to spend. The point being that if you buy a sofa for 600 quid you can't really complain when two years and two toddlers later it's a but mullered. If you want a quality frame that will last for a few years longer than that - tea and toddlers permitting then you are probably looking at around £1,500 for a starting price. [ 1,037 more word ]

Brass Hand Chair

Many moons ago, when this blog was just a babe in arms, The Mad House featured in its first magazine shoot - it was way back in the January 2013 issue which, of course came out the previous November. I had been blogging for less than a year and was so excited to be included that I didn't bat an eyelid when they swapped my sofa for something a little "less vintage darling" or changed my sitting room rugs for something "more contemporary sweetie". [ 520 more words ]

Black and White Jungle Wall Chart

I have been looking at this black and white jungle image for months now and there's something about it that I just keep coming back to. Maybe it's the monochrome. Maybe it's the size 154cm x 154cm but whatever it is I could definitely find a space for this in The Mad House. It would look great in the loft on an exposed brick wall, in a bathroom - it's on canvas so there is no glass to steam up - and especially if you had some real greenery, or faux, to contrast with it. [ 125 more words ]

10 Beautiful Rooms

It's Monday so it must be time to look at 10 more beautiful rooms and highlight the work of talented designers, architects and photographers to inspire us all. These first two room are by Suzy MacAdam, a Dublin-based designer who began her career in California before returning to Ireland and setting up her own studio. I love the dark walls above with the two palm trees either side of the window and the Seletti monkey lights. [ 607 more words ]

The Househunter: Room by Room

We're going to Highgate first of all this week to this two bedroom penthouse which was designed by the modernist architect Berthold Lubetkin for his own use. It's at the top of Highpoint 1, one of two buildings he designed and built between 1935 and 1938. At the time, this apartment was said to be the highest in London thanks to its position on North Hill. [ 627 more words ]

How to Get French Style with La Redoute

A couple of months ago the French company La Redoute asked me if I would style a couple of rooms for them around the essence of French style. Now there are many books about why French women don't get fat (they do) and how to dress like a Frenchwoman, eat like a Frenchwoman and cope when your husband has an affair like a Frenchwoman, but there is much less information on where that Frenchwoman lives and what her house looks like. [ 499 more words ]

Clever Ways With Paint – it’s not just for walls you know

We have all become much more adventurous with colour when it comes to our walls (and furniture come to that) but sometimes it pays to be a little more adventurous when it comes to ways of using that colour. Regular readers among you will know that I am always banging on about painting the skirting boards to match the walls to make them look taller, and therefore the ceiling look higher. [ 1,205 more word ]

Black and White Porcelain Pot

Sometimes it's just about finding a little treat to brighten up a corner of a room. It's like buying a new pair of earrings or a top for Saturday night... remember doing that in your 20s? This pot is £17.99 and you could use it for everything from teabags to cotton wool balls in the bathroom. The tall one at the back is £19.99. [ 113 more words ]

10 Beautiful Rooms

For this week's edition of 10 Beautiful Rooms we're staying restful with soft muted colours against monochrome backgrounds. It's a scheme that easy to change as you can swap the accent colours while leaving the rest the same and you don't have to redecorate the whole room. And it's a good way to start the week. This Jonathan Adler sofa looks perfect against the black and ivory room with hints of brass to give it a luxe feel. [ 748 more words ]

The Househunter: Room by Room

And we're off. To Brighton. Because the sun is shining (at the time of writing and following the wind and the torrential rain) and who doesn't like a trip to the seaside? So grab yer sunnies and let's start this week's tour with a look around this five bedroom Regency townhouse - with sea views - which is on for £1,650,000 via… [ 823 more words ]

Turn Your Bedroom into a Cosy Retreat

As part of my ongoing collaboration with Marks & Spencer, they asked me to look at their bedding range. "Let's make a video," they said. "Cool," I said. "What of?" "You. Making a bed," they said simply. And so we did. It's quite short, as you will see, but it's about how to make your bedroom into cosy retreat and who doesn't need a bit of that at this time of year? [ 723 more words ]

Round Brass Mirror

So there you are quite happily not even giving a passing thought to mirrors and then suddenly you notice that all the really good ones are round. That if you want a bathroom to look cool and modern it needs to have a round mirror over the basin. That a round mirror in the hall is the best look for that space. [ 69 more words ]

Woven Leather Furniture from Alp

Sometimes a new product comes along that really feels a bit different and, therefore, a bit exciting and these leather lampshades by Alp design are one such item. Created by interior designer Annick Petersen the collection was launched at the London Design Fair last month and is all available to buy on her site Alp-Design now. And before we even get into discussing it I'm going to say right up front that I think the prices are amazing. [ 281 more words ]

Timeline Photos

Sometimes it's not about the room you're in but about the views you create as you move around and see glimpses of other spaces. That's probably a metaphor for something but it's too early to work out what. Anyway - view from the stairs. With newly painted floor. And picture rail. It's all in the details. And the glimpses. Happy Monday. If you want to see beautiful rooms in their entirety head over to the blog where you can see the work of @imperfectinteriors as featured on Grand Designs last week. I want her house.
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10 Beautiful Rooms

A treat for you this week as we are going to take a proper look around the home that was featured on last week's Grand Designs. Those of you that watch the programme may relish a closer look and the rest of you will, I think, enjoy seeing it for the first time. It belongs to former fashion journalist turned interior designer, Beth Dadswell and is one of those rare homes that made me properly jealous. [ 862 more words ]

The Househunter: Room by Room

We're all about the open plan this week. A contentious issue (well not globally I grant you but here in this small corner of the internet at least) as when you have small children - you want to be able to see them or maximise the sense of space that having no internal walls can give you. But then, they grow up. [ 800 more words ]

Think You Know Natuzzi? Think again.

Congratulations if you have made it past the headline. I know what you’re thinking. Natuzzi - isn’t that that Italian company that’s all about the very expensive leather furniture set in the 1980s? Well you’re right. And you’re wrong. Because yes there is that. But there is a whole lot more besides which is definitely worth investigating. A few months ago the company approached me and ask if I would do some styling in their Hampstead store. [ 455 more words ]

Orange Buttonback Armchair

I don't know why more manufacturers don't do this when it comes up upholstering chairs and sofas. First up - it looks great Secondly, if you have bought a vintage item and need to pay for re-upholstery (hello pink chaise longue trashed by Enid will cost a fortune to recover) then you can use something cheaper - but no less striking - for the back and sides. [ 158 more words ]

Timeline Photos

Earlier this summer @hillarysblinds asked me to style a room using their fabric for the new collection launch along with @sophierobinsoninteriors @danielatascayork and @lifeunstyled. Here is mine (with furniture loaned from the lovely @rockettstgeorge. I called it urban glamour and you can see the other three looks over on the blog RIGHT NOW (link in profile). Whaddyafink? I fink I need some blush blinds.
#interiorstyle #iwantthatstyle #interiorstyling #interiorinspiration #urbanglamour #millennialpink #brass #palmtree #sponsored #styleitdark #windowdressing

New Ideas for Blinds and Curtains

Earlier this summer Hillary's blinds asked me to get involved with their Autumn campaign on new ideas for blinds and curtains to showcase their latest fabric collections. There were to be four of us - Sophie Robinson (her off the telly) Daniela Tasca York (her wot won the telly show) and Emily Henson (stylist and author of three books including Bohemian Modern and Life Unstyled, which I'm sure many of you will be familiar with). [ 552 more words ]

10 Beautiful Rooms

Hopefully you see before you the blog as usual with nothing amiss. Perhaps a faster loading time, but otherwise it should all be as normal. The weekend involved some maintenance and updating and as I write this before it has started, all being well it should be done by the time you read this on Monday morning.... or some point soon thereafter. [ 689 more words ]

The Househunter: Room by Room

Ready for this? Let's go. There's quite a lot to say about this one so we're going to have a good old look round and hopefully get some ideas. It's on with The Modern House for £3.85m (say it fast it might hurt less) and is a five bedroom house in North London. It has been completely remodelled by Undercover Architecture… [ 1,039 more word ]

Interior Trends for 2018 Guest Post

Welcome to today’s guest blogger Kimberly Duran of Swoonworthy, winner of the blogger’s choice award at last year’s Amara’s Interior Blog Awards event. She wrote a post on interiors trends for 2018 – what’s coming in and what’s dropping out – for next year and it chimed so well with what I also feel is the prevailing mood that I wanted to share her words with you here. [ 1,594 more word ]

Colour of the Moment: Turmeric

Sometimes things all come together at once in a way that might at first seem mysterious but probably isn't and in my case it was yesterday's massive (I mean massive) spillage of a jug of turmeric milk all over my white floorboards that led to this post. And as I was mopping and swearing and wiping and swearing and bleaching and swearing (and if you follow me on… [ 775 more words ]

A Modern Chaise Longue

So what have we learnt from last week's London Design Festival? Well, as is so often the case with these things, there is an element - as there is in fashion - of anything goes. It has become so vast that whatever your aesthetic you can find it. But, if we are to rummage about and pick what we like, then it's also true to say that while the interiors equivalent of fashionistas (don't go with interioristas I've tried it and it doesn't work) will tell you that it's all about the 70s - and that look might be all over the magazines - out here in the real world we aren't there yet. [ 284 more words ]

10 Beautiful Rooms: Extraordinary Interiors

I'm very excited to bring you a special edition of 10 Beautiful Rooms featuring images from the new book by Rockett St George, aka Jane Rockett and Lucy St George, Extraordinary Interiors. I have known both of them for years and first met Lucy about a week after I had featured their site in The Independent when I complimented a woman outside my local Budgens on her fabulous gold handbag. [ 780 more words ]

The Househunter: Room by Room

So you weren't thrilled about last week's houses then. Still at least you've still got a full fund of fantasy lottery money to spend this week. And this one below is going to soak that up right away. Let's see if we can tempt you with this. It has two bedrooms, it's in Brixton village, south London and was once a Salvation Army church. [ 966 more words ]

Join Me at Anthropologie for an Evening of Talking and Shopping

Well the headline says it all really. Shall I just stop and we can all go and make a cup of coffee? No? Ok listen up. Or perhaps should that be read on.... Anthropologie has long been known for its growing range of furniture and homewares (and clothes) but did you know that it also collaborates with designers - including its latest collection with Liberty - and sells wallpaper by Cole & Sons? [ 489 more words ]

Joined + Jointed: Handcrafted Affordable Furniture

One of the purposes of writing a blog is story-telling. Of course I want to show you where to buy lovely things for your homes and give you advice on tips on how to find your style and and things you should know but sometimes it's important to know the story behind your purchase and today I want to tell you about… [ 1,027 more word ]

A Guide to Buying Carpet

Now I know that carpet suffers from a slight image problem for many of you but the fact remains that most of us have some of it, and it still accounts for 57 per cent of all the flooring sold in the UK. And some of the remaining 43 per cent is laminate and that is a banned word on these pages. [ 1,200 more word ]

10 Beautiful Rooms

Time for our weekly stroll through 10 Beautiful Rooms. This is where we come for inspiration and ideas so that when we play fantasy househunting on a Friday we are ready to move in and make these places our own. First up this week we are having a look at the work of the brilliantly named Mad Cow Interiors aka Sue Miller whose style is a carefully balanced layering of vintage pieces with splashes of colour and lots of textures. [ 731 more words ]

Timeline Photos

Yes it's me! Grinning like it's Friday. It's all the glamour here at the moment. Went to a launch party for Smeg last night (see my stories) and today am doing some filming with M&S. But it's next Friday I want to tell you about. I'm hosting a talk as part the London Design Festival on what makes a house a home, looking at both cultural and international influences on personal style. See my stories for how to book - it's a tenner - do come. Hopefully the swipe up thing is there. If not go to dcch and look for focus 17 conversations in design and come and join me and @fernandamarquesarquiteta @theflowerbx and @samanthatodhunter at The Design Centre at Chelsea Harbour. .
📷 @malmo_and_moss.
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